Kitty Cat/120 Grass Drag Racing
Registration Form
SatNoon1 PM (approx)

120 Oval Racing
Registration Form
Sat1:30 PM (approx)3 PM

We do not have "official rules" for the kids. It’s a fun race for the kids and we want them to enjoy it. All participants receive a trophy for both races.

Registration is on Saturday from 9am – 11am. Table is located near the drag start line with a “pit area for the kids sleds. Drag starts at noon, with the oval to follow at approximately 1pm. Cost is $10 per race.

For the Kitty Kat/120 Drag race we do our best to separate the classes with skis/wheels for the drag. (For example, we try to keep all the 120’s with wheels in the same heats) 2 kids can share 1 sled if needed for the drag race. It is one run down the track.

Kids can do both races, the drag and the oval.

I would recommend long pants. Helmets are required for both races. Chest protectors are required for the oval. Wheels are recommended for the oval. Some racers bring a bag of ice for the oval to cool motors between heats.

For the 120 oval race, we divide the classes by age,
Age 4-5 Max speed 12mph
Age 6-7 Max speed 15mph
Age 8-12 Max speed 18mph
We do have a modified class for all ages, but we really don't have many kids that ride in it.

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