Kitty Cat/120 Grass Drag Racing
Registration Form
SatNoon1 PM (approx)

120 Oval Racing
Registration Form
Sat1:30 PM (approx)3 PM

We do not have "official rules" for the kids. It’s a fun race for the kids and we want them to enjoy it. All participants receive a trophy for both races.

Registration is on Saturday from 9am – 11am. Table is located near the drag start line with a “pit area for the kids sleds. Drag starts at noon, with the oval to follow at approximately 1pm. Cost is $10 per race.

For the Kitty Kat/120 Drag race we do our best to separate the classes with skis/wheels for the drag. (For example, we try to keep all the 120’s with wheels in the same heats) 2 kids can share 1 sled if needed for the drag race. It is one run down the track.

Kids can do both races, the drag and the oval.

I would recommend long pants. Helmets are required for both races. Chest protectors are required for the oval. (Which are provided if you need one). Wheels are recommended for the oval. Some racers bring a bag of ice for the oval to cool motors between heats.

For the 120 oval race, we divide the classes by age,
Age 4-5 Max speed 12mph
Age 6-7 Max speed 15mph
Age 8-12 Max speed 18mph
We do have a modified class for all ages, but we really don't have many kids that ride in it.

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